Cycling Rules

Important: Participating in the training is at your own risk.

In order to ensure a high level of safety during the training sessions, a number of rules apply to everyone joining WTOS trainings:

1. Wearing a cycling helmet is compulsory. Without a helmet you cannot join. Keep in mind this is for your own safety.

2. Make sure your equipment is in good condition; this can prevent unsafe situations. This includes (among other things) making sure bar ends are capped and that brake pads, cables and tyres being in good condition.

3. Time trial components are prohibited during regular trainings:

– Wheels are required to have at least 12 spokes. Wheels with fewer spokes (e.g. Aerospokes) pose a greater risk of injury in case of a crash

– Clip-on time trial bars are not allowed to be mounted during trainings. Hands need to be in the vicinity of the brake levers at all times.

4. Always pay attention to the rider in front of you and anticipate!

5. Signal to the riders behind you:

– If you see someone approaching on the same side of the road, call out Voor! (“fore”).

– If you see someone approaching on the opposite side of the road, call out Tegen! (“tay-ghen”).

– If you notice a car approaching from behind which is able to overtake, call out Achter! (“agh-ter”).

– If you notice bollards in the road ahead, point to the ground on the side of the bollards, and optionally call out Paaltjes! (“pahl-chus”).

6. All traffic laws apply to us; stop at red lights. If part of the group has crossed, wait for the light to turn green and regroup.

7. Nobody will have to ride back home by themselves if they cannot keep up. The pace is determined by the slowest rider.

8. Riding in the faster groups is your own responsibility. If you don’t know the route and/or never have ridden in a paceline, stick to the slow group. ‘Graduating’ to the faster groups is always a possibility next time!

9. Along the routes there are a number of points where extra care must be taken, and or cyclists must yield to other traffic.

Practical information for members is available through our Documentation page.